Strategy Tester Report
Fxmower 1.2
FXOpen-Demo STP (Build 1090)

SymbolEURUSD (Euro vs US Dollar)
Period30 Minutes (M30) 2012.01.02 02:00 - 2017.06.06 00:30 (2012.01.01 - 2017.12.31)
ModelEvery tick (the most precise method based on all available least timeframes)
ParametersMM=true; risk=35; boost=true; Trailing_STOP="======"; TrailingSTOP=true; Session1="======"; session_1=true; Lot1_1=0.02; MovingPeriod_1=26; TS1_1=150; SL1_1=390; TP2_1=270; SL2_1=340; TP3_1=200; SL3_1=1160; Session2="======"; session_2=true; Lot1_2=0.01; MovingPeriod_2=26; TS1_2=150; SL1_2=440; TP2_2=230; SL2_2=700; TP3_2=270; SL3_2=1660;
Bars in test68065Ticks modelled93924674Modelling quality90.00%
Mismatched charts errors0
Initial deposit3000.00Spread20
Total net profit5786097.42Gross profit7783396.41Gross loss-1997298.99
Profit factor3.90Expected payoff3562.87
Absolute drawdown156.58Maximal drawdown1155159.30 (24.48%)Relative drawdown35.32% (2948.89)
Total trades1624Short positions (won %)643 (63.45%)Long positions (won %)981 (61.67%)
Profit trades (% of total)1013 (62.38%)Loss trades (% of total)611 (37.62%)
Largestprofit trade249827.50loss trade-64577.14
Averageprofit trade7683.51loss trade-3268.90
Maximumconsecutive wins (profit in money)13 (127.81)consecutive losses (loss in money)4 (-34751.97)
Maximalconsecutive profit (count of wins)253939.44 (3)consecutive loss (count of losses)-68530.38 (2)
Averageconsecutive wins2consecutive losses2
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